Wedding Couples First Dance Choreography

The DJ has just announced that the bride and groom will now have there first dance as the new Mr and Mrs.  All of the guests are smiling and anxious to see what song they’ve picked and how the couple’s dance will be.  Then after about 30 seconds of watching the bride and groom sway on the dance floor, the guests’ attention is lost and the bride and groom still have another 3 minutes of uncomfortable swaying left to do.

We are now offering Wedding Dance Choreography for the Bride and Groom’s first dance.  We help the couple prepare to dance on their big day.  Two instructors will work with you so that you can see exactly what the bride and groom are to do.

References available upon request.


I provided Bianca and Brielle with our song and they came prepared with ideas and tips to make even my two-left-footed groom look great.  They were open to our vision and what we wanted in our First Dance, too.  My fiance isn’t the kind of guy who gets excited when he hears that we will be taking a dance class, but he even admitted that he had fun and was glad that we did it.  We basically showed up and they made us a unique dance that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  To contact them, email  Its easier and more affordable then you think.     Shireen – Blackwood, NJ


Click on the link below to see Leilah and Jason from Mullica Hill Wedding Dance Choreography:

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